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So every time I’ve used the word ‘solo travel’ I’ve received mixed reactions. From my dad saying, ‘absolutely not’ to my friends saying ‘that’s so cool’ or ‘we wouldn’t be able to do it’.

I don’t know where the seed was planted, or how this trip has finally materialised, but I do know that I’m nervous…excited nervous…good nervous.

It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now, but timing is everything and I feel like I didn’t make this trip earlier, only because I needed this experience now. Earlier, the idea of spending so much time by myself gave me anxiety, but honestly now…I’m kind of looking forward to the company.

I’m doing 8 days with Contiki in Croatia — I’m eager to meet the group that I’ve been interacting with since the past few days. They’re people I’ve never met, but are probably in a similar life phase as me?

Then I’m doing 2 weeks of unplanned travel in Europe. By unplanned I mean, I land in Barcelona and then…let’s see? Only the last leg of my trip is planned in Amsterdam with my best friend Divya, who I religiously trouble every summer. More on her later.

Basically, I’m winging it all…except my eyeliner because I’m trying to ‘back pack’ as much as possible. So for the first time in years, I’m leaving behind my Anastasia Contour Kit and replacing it with aloe vera. LOL.

Sorry for the digress — but basically this is it. I want to rent out a cute apartment and really ‘live’ in a place that’s not Bombay. I’m excited to buy Tesco, come home to a cozy flat and enjoy greasy Chinese and cheap wine…by myself. I know it sounds like a ‘non- plan’ but with time I’ve learnt, a ‘non-plan’ is a plan and a great one!

I’m unsure how everything will turn out, how I’ll spend so much time with myself or what it’s going to be like to immerse myself in different cultures but I’m ready to ride SOULo. I’ve carried a couple of books I’m really excited to read, a GoPro to document and create (most excited for this) and my laptop to try and blog. I don’t want to be too type A about it tho — let’s see. Maybe I’ll blog.

Time to go, see you on the other side!

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