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Not Kangana!

20 hours, 3 flights (the last one was a toy place, I swear), and 1 book later — I made it! I landed in Split, Croatia at like 4 pm — so I had a bit of time to actually go out and see the place — it’s beautiful!

Not going to lie, it was a bit strange to go upto the reception and check in by myself into a room meant for 3! But don’t worry, it was not a Kangana Ranaut situation in Queen where I had to lug my own bag up the stairs — they have elevators!

But yes, the room is big and it was quiet when I first entered — it hit me then, that I’m really doing this solo! So I called my best friend Anuja, chatted with her for a bit and then decided to not order room service — I put on some make up and went out to get a bite. I also met someone from Bombay here — it’s so funny how the Universe works things out — I felt a little uneasy, and an acquaintance from Bombay messaged me on Instagram saying he’s in Split too!

So grabbed dinner and Sheesha — it was freezing btw, and got back to my room.

Slept with (only) one light on — Level 2 unlocked!

Now heading to the boat to meet with the Contiki Crew — can’t wait to be in the Adriatic!


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