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Honestly, I’m a fairly dependent person. I’m dependent on my routine, my family, my friends…even on work to keep me stimulated. So to break free from something like that has been well…different.

For one, when you travel and especially travel with people from all walks of life, the biggest thing you realise is that your problems, aren’t really so big after all.

I met a girl called Kayla, who at 23 is backpacking all over Europe since the past 3 months. No, I’m not saying ‘backpacking’ to sound cool — she literally has 1 backpack with 3 pairs of clothes, 2 pairs of shoes, a few toiletries and a bathing suit! I felt pretty damn stupid when I lugged down a filled-to-the-brim 25 KG suitcase! Really puts an interesting spin on needs vs want — I honestly wish I could be more like her — she’s so fiercely independent at 23, with not a care in the world. She wasn’t even a little bit paranoid that 2 days before our boat docked, she didn’t have her tickets to Switzerland booked — she said, oh I’ll figure my way out in time!

Lessons to be learnt — less is always more & more often than not, if you wing it — things work out, so don’t stress the small stuff!

I honestly had so much to learn from being in a group of people I hadn’t met before. It’s refreshing— it makes you think about the things you fret about because another group has a different set of ideals. The best part about the whole thing? NO JUDGEMENTS. Everyone was whoever they wanted to be — young, wild, free & even though we hadn’t ever met before and may probably never meet again — everyone looked out for the people on their boats.

Isn’t that what the human experience is about? As we’re floating through life, looking after those around us, even if it’s for a while and extending that love and compassion, expecting nothing in return?

Ask the guy who was helped by his fellow boat-ies when he was drunk off his face, halfway floating in the Adriatic!

More on Croatia recommendations, the boating experience and SOULo musings in the next one!

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