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On Self-Love.

Not going to lie, I’ve googled ‘self-love’ a fair few times, just to get a sense of what people write on the subject. Having read multiple perspectives, I got a vague sense of what it stands for…but to experience it — well, I don’t think any theory could fit the bill.

Recently, I’ve had bouts of self-love — from attempting to take care of my well being more, to trying to eat more super-foods (Avocado is a super food, yes?) and getting in a workout or two a week, self - love was amped up…in theory.

But what you probably won’t realise, until you completely immerse yourself in the process is that self-love can never come in bouts. It isn’t about the half work out or the kale salad you pretend to eat (let’s be honest, we’ve all done it for the Insta), but it’s an endless journey, every minute, of every day with the one person you’ve had the longest relationship with — YOU.

So let me tell you of my rendezvous with self-love and how addictive it’s been ever since. Actually, let’s not call it addictive, it has a negative about, ‘paramount’? How paramount self love has been. It was during my travels that I realised that the warmest and safest I felt was not when I was out, partying it up in Croatia — but when I returned to the quiet of my room, put on fuzzy socks and immersed myself in my latest obsession (a book, of course) Tuesdays with Morrie.

Maybe it’s also called growing up, but I began to love my alone time, more than anything else — I craved it. Over the last few weeks, I’ve written more, worked out more, eaten healthier, read transformational books (please read Neville Goddard if you haven’t) and fallen in love with well, me. And it isn’t narcissistic — it’s the healthy kind of love, where you tell yourself it’s ‘okay’ to fall, give yourself little pep talks to build yourself back and basically enjoy just being. You also begin to forgive parts of yourself you once couldn’t forgive.

So here’s a non-text book definition of self- love for you. It’s being happy with you, as you are. It’s a warm, place, where you’re content enough to attract everything you’ve ever wanted, because you’ve finally found out that there wasn’t a missing piece to the puzzle — you’ve had all of the pieces all along, there was just a little bit of re-arrangement needed.

Self- love is when you’re finally home and the soft epiphany that you always have been.

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