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Over due rant on the over emphasis on ‘breaking the glass ceiling’

So I’m a 20-something Indian woman. Forgive me for being old-school, but I still believe it’s rude to probe into a lady’s age or a man’s salary — it’s unbecoming. As most things old are considered gold, these two ‘golden rules’ have been ruled out for a ‘golden duck’, which begs the question ‘why?’
In our hopeless race for rebellion, these two questions arise the most. Believe me… I know. 
As a 20 something woman (No, still not ready to let out my age), I relentlessly get asked ‘how old are you, shouldn’t you be married?’ or my less fortunate male counterparts who get questions about their bank balance, because you know… the number of zeros there signifies their dominance in the modern world. Pressure, pressure all around….
But why can’t we maybe reverse these questions?
Ask me how much I make…i’ll be happy to talk about it; about my goals and ambitions, my dreams and values. Why don’t we consider asking a man how old he is, just so he knows that life is long, and there’s lots left to experience and achieve? 
The glass ceiling is what we’ve created, ourselves. Equal pay, women’s rights, feminism, fight against rape, fight against sexism, racism, gay rights, gay pride, LGBT movement — it’s exhausting to even type the coterie of problems everyone, everywhere is dealing with.

Relentlessly. Fiercely. Absolutely.

I’m not an idealist, activist or a feminist. I’m a 26 year old woman who’s trying to engender change through perspective. Ever so often, I’ve come across women who tear other women apart — with their words, their actions, their intent. I’ve done it too — indulged in gossip, laughed at the expense of those who I couldn’t understand. But to be honest, I didn’t care until I was misunderstood myself.

Think about it —why is it okay for a man to be eligible at 30, but a woman at 30 considered to have missed the boat? Or a man who’s been with multiple women okay-ed, but a woman with similar morals…a slut? Oh don’t be alarmed — we’ve all used the word and judged. But how limiting is that thought? What about the bigger things in life? How kind you are? How much value you add to the world? 
Where are the women?
Why aren’t we running like wildfire towards our goals? Why do our dreams have to become the casualty of running a family? Why can’t we have both?

Everyday that I work that extra hour or sign on a new client, I promise myself that I’ll do more to change the fact that it will take 200 years for men and women to have Equal Pay in the world.

And any change starts with a thought, a shift; an idea. 
& today it’s this — LET US JUST BE.

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