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Want to permanently telePORT to Porto, Portugal

You know the feeling you get when you want to take a photo of everything around you, but it will never do justice to what you actually see? That’s Porto in a nutshell. It’s so beautiful — it’s impossible to describe…but i’ll try anyway. The city is filled with little buildings, all different colored, fringed by quaint cafes and cozy eateries.


We checked into the Eurostar hotel, which was the cutest little space, right in the city centre. So conveniently located, we only Ubered to the airport and back! The highlight of my entire Portugal trip was probably when wee walked across the Dom Luis bridge and thought that view was stunning…until we got to the other side. There was a bustling flea market on the other end, where we ate an OMG-WOW Nutella crepe and then just walked around to reach what’ll probably be one of the best sunsets of my life.


Image an open layered space, with happy people, a tiny bar and Psychedelic music…I can’t explain how every minute of that sunset was like ‘I need to capture this moment’, but the next moment was even better than the last. We got a few drinks and just sat there — watching nature change colors and the little twinkling lights from down below come on to synergise so perfectly with the night sky that it was almost like it was planned.


My friends literally had to pick me up and tear me away from this place, cause I could have been there the entire night and not moved! We walked down this tiny cobble street and reached the river bank where we ate dinner at this cute little Italian place (I forget the name, sorry — the happy buzz had kicked in by this time) and this sweet old man sang the cutest Spanish songs…if anything came close to a ‘perfect’ night — it was this.


The next morning we woke up and ate brunch at Zenith Cafe — my God, you must go here! The Acai berry bowl was literally the best I’ve ever had! Then we just walked around those streets, shopping (check out Cosmopolica, a cute boutique store) and then just walked the Riberia (from the opposite side) and literally just wanted to photograph everything because those tiny little colourful buildings against the river drop was something out of a movie. or a postcard. or both!


Quick Random Tip: You must try the fresh pasta at this small eatery called Tasty, where you can basically walk around pick up whatever you like from each stall. Oh, and don’t forget the mini mushroom and pesto toasties and the crepes!


Also, we went to the Heritage Cafe — Majestic Cafe — super expensive, but so worth it. It takes you back in time, with a live pianist and beautiful art all over the walls and ceilings. Try the hot chocolate and of course the Pastel De Nata — so good!


Finally, ending with a GREAT restaurant recommendation for Mexican food — it’s called Frida and the ambiance is something I can’t even begin to describe. MUST try the Avocado soup — it’s deconstructed!


All in all guys, I think Porto is one of my favourite cities in the world — it’s old school charm is something straight out of a Wes Anderson Movie. I’m attaching a few photos, but please know that these don’t do justice — some beauty just can’t be captured through a lens!


PS- Potterheads, Livraria Lello the library where J.K.Rowling wrote parts of the book is in Porto-- Go nuts! 

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