3 stories that prove love sees no boundaries – it only sees the heart!

Love sees no boundaries — class, age, race, gender — it only sees the heart! And these stories of interracial couples will make you believe in the magic of love.

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“My last breakup was painful and left me broken; I wanted to start afresh. I hadn’t considered online dating until a close friend created my profile on OkCupid. That’s where I met Michael; we talked about life, our careers and all that jazz. After texting back and forth for 2 days, I agreed to go out with him.

When I met him on that Friday night, it was like catching up with a long-lost friend. He was smart, sweet and so funny! After dinner, he walked me home; he didn’t let go of my hand even once. We kissed and said goodbye–it was the perfect first date.

The very next day, he texted, ‘I’d love to see you again!’ So we went on our second date. I loved how effortless it was talking to him. I remember making a joke about him not bringing me flowers, and that stuck with him. Later that week, when we met, he gave me a giant bouquet of roses…it was incredibly sweet.

Michael was fairly new in the city, so I’d show him around on the weekends; months rolled by. His workplace was close to where I live, so we’d often hang out at my place. Once, we were watching a movie when he said, ‘I love you.’ I laughed it off thinking he was repeating the character’s lines, but he said, ‘I’m serious!’ So, I told him I loved him too.

He’d already charmed my parents on FaceTime and wanted me to meet his parents. So on Thanksgiving, Michael invited me to spend the holiday with his family. While we were there, Michael took me out shopping, and we happened to stop by a ring store. ‘Let’s get you a ring,’ he said. Again, I thought it was all a joke, so I played along and tried a dozen different rings. We walked out of the store, giggling; little did I know, he’d secretly picked out a ring for me!

5 months later, we traveled to Paris together. There, he went down on one knee and proposed to me with the same ring from that store. I asked him, ‘How long have you been planning this?’ to which he replied, ‘Since the day I met you!’ I just had to say yes.

Soon after we got engaged, Michael moved in with me and we set the date for our wedding. And we almost didn’t get to the venue because of a snowstorm; I’ll never forget standing at the altar, smiling and knowing that we’d made it.

And last year, we were blessed with a baby boy! We’ve been enjoying parenthood ever since; Michael’s a great father. And after putting the baby to sleep, we still make time for candlelight dinners and movie nights. That’s it… this is our small, little world. We have each other, our son, and a life ahead filled with endless adventures.”

love | love stories | couples | interracial couples | Humans of Bombay

“I flew from Finland to India for my first date with Vinod! We’d met each other on a dating app just 5 days before that– Vinod had randomly suggested we take a road trip to the Himalayas. At first, going to the other side of the world for a first date felt insane, but something inside me snapped and I agreed.

Vinod said, ‘I know it’s a very big deal for you to come so far.’ I think he wanted me to know that he wasn’t fooling around, so he sputtered out, ‘Will you marry me?’ My immediate response was, ‘Are you kidding? It’s just been a week!’ But he said, ‘Not at all.’ Everything was happening too fast but it felt… right. So I said, ‘Yes!’

I quit my job, got my visa, and 3 months later, I was in India. I was freaking out but when I saw Vinod waiting for me at Delhi airport, I was able to breathe. We left for Spiti the next day– there, as we watched the sunset in silence, I felt so complete.

After Spiti, Vinod went back home, but I stayed back in Rishikesh for 2 weeks to understand the culture and to see if I could actually settle here. Unfortunately, I fell terribly ill– I developed a digestive disease. Even after I went back to Finland, I took a while to recover– I lost 25 kgs in 1 year!

Seeing me in that state, Vinod started having doubts about how I’d adjust. He was scared that I’d get even sicker; he felt guilty that I was giving up everything for him. He said, ‘I love you so much but what if things don’t work out?’ That night, he broke up with me– ‘I don’t want to hurt you, it’s best if we end it now’, he said. But I wasn’t ready to give up– I took the next flight out to Visakhapatnam.

We met for coffee– although he was still hesitant, I knew he loved me. That night, as we were arguing, he looked into my eyes, pulled me closer; we kissed. I promised him that we’d make it work. Over the next 4 months, we went on several trips and spent every weekend together. Eventually, we moved in.

And just like that, I ended up staying in India for 2 years– I got used to the weather, fell in love with idli-dosas and started blogging for a living. By then, Vinod’s apprehensions vanished; he introduced me to his parents too. I communicate with them in broken Hindi and some hand gestures– we get along really well.

A few months later, on the rooftop of our Visakhapatnam home, Vinod slid a ring on my finger and proposed to me again; he told me that he’ll always be there for me. We had a simple court wedding.

Sometimes, in my happiest moments, I pinch myself to see if all this is real– Vinod and I have been married for 2 years now and we’re expecting our baby soon! Having been through it, I can tell you this– love takes work; life isn’t a fairytale. It’s not going to be a bed of roses… you just need to pick the person who’s worth it. Isn’t that what love’s all about?”

“The lockdown and the isolation it brought along got me to activate my dormant Tinder account–Cheibuka’s profile immediately caught my attention. Actually, it was his smile–amidst boys who were flaunting their jawline, his was a genuine 1000-watt smile! But what I actually loved was his bio– he called himself the ‘chocolate king’; curious, I swiped right and we matched! I asked him–‘Why do you call yourself the chocolate king?’ And the conversation that followed ensured I didn’t put my phone down the entire night!

Back then, I was staying with my uncle who preferred being extra safe, so even though we wanted to, we couldn’t meet. But I had no complaints because it was the getting-to-know-each-other phase; I felt like a teenager who’d developed a new crush. We spoke 24*7, from texting to phone calls to video calls.

We spoke about a plethora of things–my taco cravings, our mutual love for the middle east, what food we cooked, and how we couldn’t wait for the vaccine to come out. We’d even surprise each other with curated playlists. Once he shared his ‘most played’ playlist with me and I was surprised to see that 7 out of those 10 songs were on my most played as well!

This went on for two months and by the end of May, I was back at my own place, which meant we could finally meet… obviously in a safe place. I’m an extroverted person, but when we were planning our ‘first date’, I had butterflies. He suggested we meet at Taco Bell for our first date… it was so thoughtful. Finally, on the day Mr. Chocolate King arrived late– he went to another branch! But when I finally did see him, I smiled a smile that matched his.

And then the time just flew–he made fun of how I ate while I gave him shade for making me wait on our first date. We were there for three hours and yet there was so much more to talk about. So after lunch, we went to a nearby brewery that was playing jazz. Before we knew it we started grooving to the music; looking at us, everyone else joined in! It turned out to be such a fun evening after which, he walked me back home, hugged me tight and said, ‘I’ll call you tomorrow!’, and he did!

We’ve been meeting every week since then. We’ve even met each other’s friends. Once, we went for a morning walk to a dog’s park; but more often than not, we’re stuffing our faces with food. He’s the goofiest man I’ve met- he’s incapable of taking any situation seriously! The other day, we were watching a scary movie when I jumped at a scene and this boy found it so funny that he laughed for 15 minutes straight!

We’re in a very comfortable space; there aren’t any unrealistic expectations–we meet, listen to music, watch movies and laugh a lot. We’re honestly just loving each other’s company...one taco at a time.”

Being India’s biggest storytelling platform, Humans of Bombay is all about bringing you extraordinary stories of ordinary people. Today, we bring you these love stories of interracial couples who made it despite the many differences—to remind you that love wins over everything! If you’d like to read more such stories, check out our book and dive into the diverse tales of a country with a billion beating hearts!

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