3 women who have proven everyone wrong!


Time and again women have proved to the world what they’re capable of. And doing so while coming out from the shackles of broken marriages, societal customs, and patriarchal rules requires a lot of courage. With women’s day around the corner, here are the top stories of 3 such women who have broken the glass ceilings and come out stronger.

"When I started Mandali–a mental health support group. Every 15 days, we’d hold a session over food. Once, after a session, a boy reconnected with his Dad whom he hadn’t spoken to in 3 years. This was the power of food & therapy"

"I’m not in touch with my paternal family, but if they are reading this, I want to tell them that a daughter is NOT a liability. Give your daughters the education they deserve rather than saving for dowry. Make them fighters. So if & when the time comes & they have to stand for themselves, they do it fiercely!”

"My life today is the answer to all those who asked, ‘yeh kya karegi?’–I’m a national level wheelchair basketball player, a powerlifter & a video editor. I’m financially independent & know that there are endless possibilities ahead of me. I’ve fought hard & I’ve crossed every hurdle thrown my way. Now, I’m only meant to fly!”

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