A billionaire who never worked beyond 6pm and founded a Fortune 500 company – Harsh Mariwala!

Episode 10 is LIVE!

Would you believe that our next guest is a billionaire who has never worked post 6pm… ever?

Well if you don't, then you should because our next guest is Mr. Harsh Mariwala, founder and Chairman of Marico — and yes, he did build this empire without giving into the "hustle culture"!

From being considered the "black sheep" of the family to founding a Fortune 500 company — Mr. Mariwala showed us his vulnerable side — the young boy who fought hard not to disappoint his family, the husband who'd circle around Haji Ali daily only to see his wife for a couple of hours and the family man who ensured work got treated as work.

In an intimate discussion, he opened up to us about what it took to make brands like Parachute and Saffola household names, how even in his 60s, he doesn't go a day without working out and what is his vision for the youth of the country!

His passion for giving back and empowering the youth, is actually what led to the ASCENT Foundation 10 years ago! And today, with ASCENT, they've empowered 850 entrepreneurs so far, facilitating a return of roughly 53,000+ crores! And every year, they celebrate this network of entrepreneurs and give them access to renowned industry leaders through ASCENT's annual conclave and is hosting its 7th edition this year on 24th November.

So over conversations about business, entrepreneurship and impact, he let us in on — How The Hell Does He Still Do It?!

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