“58 years after our wedding we got our wedding photoshoot done”

“Chachan and I met at a wedding where we were introduced by our parents– I was 23 at the time. Back then, being 23 and unmarried was unheard of; my parents were aggressively looking for a suitable boy. We were sent for a walk. I didn’t speak a lot– I was shy; but he spoke enough for the two of us. He told me all about himself, his love for travel, volleyball, and cinema. We walked for around 30 minutes and by the end of it, he somehow didn’t seem like a stranger anymore. So when we got back, I said ‘yes’ to our parents.

Two months later, on the first day of 1962, we got married. It was a traditional Malayali Kalyanam in Kottayam, Kerala. I wore a Set Mundu saree and Chachan was dressed in a three piece suit. It was a small wedding, but everything about that day was perfect apart from the fact that there was no one to capture it! In the 60s, owning a camera was a luxury. But we danced all evening; and the next day, we left for our honeymoon in Munnar. It was my first time traveling out of town– I loved it. Chachan’s love for travel became a part of me as well.

He was an event manager, which meant our life was a little party. He would take me for all his events, even the out of town ones. After the event wrapped up, we would stay for a couple more days and explore the place, doing all sorts of touristy things

We’ve covered all of South India and next on our wishlist is New York. Chachan loves tall buildings and the American culture, especially their breakfast; but his favourite food is the fish curry I make at home– so that’s our Sunday ritual. Every Sunday our entire family– three kids and six grandkids, get together for fish curry.

During the lockdown, we got even more time together. We’d all sit together, play cards and reminisce about simpler days. So when I was narrating our wedding story, my photographer grandson suggested a wedding photoshoot for me and Chachan!

It felt silly at first– playing bride and groom and getting a photoshoot done at the age of 80? People would laugh. Even I laughed– but the kids had made up their minds and Chachan was also excited.

So, one evening, 58 years after our wedding, I again adorned a white Set Mundu saree as Chachan got into his three piece suit, and we got our wedding photoshoot done in the backyard of our house. We may have been 80, but that day, we felt like those 23 year olds who met at a wedding and within half an hour decided to spend the rest of their lives together.”

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