Believe in your dreams – and they will come true!

Written by: Nisha Shah

Sometimes, to make your dreams come true, all you need to do is believe in them—and these stories from Flipkart echo exactly that!

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“Ek saal ka tha main jab mere pair mein polio ho gaya tha. But Maa and Papa never treated my disability as a burden. They’d say, ‘Beta, isse kamzori mat maan’na, isse apni taakat banao.’ So I did just that. I focused on my studies—I dreamt of becoming an engineer.

But while I was still studying, Papa passed away. I couldn’t even grieve him, because I had to take care of Maa—she had cancer. But despite all my efforts to save her, two years later, Maa succumbed to her fate, leaving me an orphan…

I even had to leave my studies, fortunately I found a ray of light in all that darkness—my cousin took me in. Her support helped me become independent. I started doing odd jobs—selling chai pakode, working in banks and starting a paan shop. I was making do, but there was no stability.

But then last year, my friends told me about a vacancy for a Wishmaster at Flipkart, I was surprised to find out it was for people with disabilities! I’d never heard of an opportunity like that—where I had the upper hand! Although I was nervous, I decided to apply. And imagine my delight when I got the job. I was ecstatic—at 41, this opportunity felt like a miracle. ‘All my efforts have paid off!’

And you know, working with people who were like me—imperfectly perfect, inspired me everyday… Despite our ‘flaws’, we run this hub together, and even help each other! On days where I’ve had 40+ deliveries, my colleagues have come to my assistance, and together, we’ve made it happen!

And even my seniors are the kindest – a few months ago, when my scooty stopped working and I couldn’t make deliveries, my supervisor lent me one and said, ‘Don’t stop working! Use this one.’ I felt overwhelmed. Here, we all have each other’s backs.

And, moreover, delivering to customers is always such a delight… Most of them are understanding and empathetic. Once, when I’d gone to deliver a package to a policeman, he asked me to deliver it to his doorstep, not knowing I couldn’t. But on realizing it, he gave me a ride in his car to help me finish all the deliveries in the area! It’s instances like these that make me feel that the world still has good people who’d go out of their way to help someone…

People think just because I’m disabled, making deliveries would be challenging for me. But, no matter what, I never look at anything as a challenge, it’s simply something I need to ‘do differently’. Maa and Papa have always taught me to work hard no matter what. Toh ab koi bhi mushkil ho, main darrta nahi.

And with that mantra, I’ve paved my own path in life. Mera engineer banne ka sapna adhoora reh gaya… but now, I am climbing the disabled-friendly ladder of success, and I can't wait to see the view from the top!"

Being India’s biggest storytelling platform, Humans of Bombay is all about bringing you extraordinary stories of ordinary people. Today, we bring you this hustle story of Lalit Kumar who made his dreams come true, despite the many challenges life threw at him. If you’d like to read more such stories, check out our book and dive into the diverse tales of a country with a billion beating hearts!

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