This differently-abled couple will make you fall in love

Being differently abled comes with its own challenges, but love cannot be one among those. This heartening story about a differently abled couple will make you believe in the power of love!

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“Whenever Maa spoke about marriage, I’d dismiss her. For someone differently-abled and as low on confidence as me, it was the last thing on my mind. Each time she’d bring it up, I’d say, ‘Mujhse kaun shaadi karega?’ She’d just smile and say, ‘Dekhna, rajkumar aayega!’ I’d just laugh.

Around then, my brother told me about an app for differently abled people; I downloaded it and matched with a few people, one of whom was Kapil! Like me, he too suffered from dwarfism but unlike me, he was high on confidence! Being differently abled did not affect his confidence.

He told me about his fitness journey and how he lost 20 kgs. He motivated me to be fit as well. He spoke with such conviction that he made you believe in yourself! And although we’d never met, since he was in Indore while I was in Rajasthan, he became a hit with my family. When Maa suggested I marry him, I just laughed it off. I’d finally met someone I could confide in, I didn’t want to lose that.

A year went by; I became more confident, all thanks to Kapil. And then one day, Kapil sent me a picture–my neighbour was at his house in Indore. When I sounded confused, he said, ‘Apna rishta pakka kar raha hun.’ My neighbour and he had attended the same wedding and on seeing him, she immediately spoke to him about me! Then he asked me, ‘So, do you want to get married?’ I honestly didn’t know how to respond. So he added, ‘I like you and I see a future with you. Take as much time as you need, I’m here!’ My heart did a somersault when he said that, but I wanted to be sure.

So, I took my time, 15 days to be precise, after which me and my family went to see him in Indore. It was the first time we were meeting! And even though our families were watching us like hawks, we were at ease. Our roka happened the same day; when I saw Kapil smiling at me with love in his eyes, I knew I’d made the right decision. A few months later, he came to Rajasthan to meet me; I had the best time taking him around my city. I think that’s when I fell in love; he kept helping me with my bag or complimenting my hair.

And after 11 months of long distance, it was our wedding day! I went from being the differently abled girl who never thought she’d get married to being the most excited bride. I danced like no one was watching! And walking down the aisle watching my to-be husband give me the brightest smile was surreal!

It’s been 3 months since and with each passing day, I feel like I’m growing as an individual. I’ve picked up dancing again. I make videos and post them on social media! And all of this has happened because of Kapil and his relentless faith in me. I’m so glad that in him I’ve found a motivator, a confidante and the best chef–he makes the best pizzas! So, whenever we fight, I know what I’m having for dinner that night! Humari height thodi choti hai, par pyaar humara poora hai!"

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