Fiery and fearless, she’s a dynamic, self-made woman! – Mahua Mitra

Episode 8 is LIVE!

“When God was distributing fear, you probably never made it to the line.” – This is something our next guest, Ms. Mahua Moitra, repeatedly got to hear. She’s firm, she’s fiery and she’s fearless. She’s someone who doesn’t mince her words — neither in person nor during Lok Sabha sessions!

From leaving a lucrative job in the states to joining politics — Mahua Moitra is a dynamic, self-made woman who vehemently refuses to take no for an answer.

And she’s just so candid– she opened up about the qualities she admires in the opposition party and in a heartwarming confession, told us about her celebrity crush! We assure you, there’s no way you would’ve guessed this one!

The unfiltered demeanor she is known for carrying to Lok Sabha sessions, accompanied her here, to this interview. And so, over unabashed and honest conversations, we managed to ask Ms. Mahua Moitra – How The Hell Do You Do It?

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