“We have each other, our son, and a life ahead filled with endless adventures.’’

“My last breakup was painful and left me broken; I wanted to start afresh. I hadn’t considered online dating until a close friend created my profile on OkCupid. That’s where I met Michael; we talked about life, our careers and all that jazz. After texting back and forth for 2 days, I agreed to go out with him.

When I met him on that Friday night, it was like catching up with a long-lost friend. He was smart, sweet and so funny! After dinner, he walked me home; he didn’t let go of my hand even once. We kissed and said goodbye–it was the perfect first date.

The very next day, he texted, ‘I’d love to see you again!’ So we went on our second date. I loved how effortless it was talking to him. I remember making a joke about him not bringing me flowers, and that stuck with him. Later that week, when we met, he gave me a giant bouquet of roses…it was incredibly sweet.

Michael was fairly new in the city, so I’d show him around on the weekends; months rolled by. His workplace was close to where I live, so we’d often hang out at my place. Once, we were watching a movie when he said, ‘I love you.’ I laughed it off thinking he was repeating the character’s lines, but he said, ‘I’m serious!’ So, I told him I loved him too.

He’d already charmed my parents on FaceTime and wanted me to meet his parents. So on Thanksgiving, Michael invited me to spend the holiday with his family. While we were there, Michael took me out shopping, and we happened to stop by a ring store. ‘Let’s get you a ring,’ he said. Again, I thought it was all a joke, so I played along and tried a dozen different rings. We walked out of the store, giggling; little did I know, he’d secretly picked out a ring for me!

5 months later, we traveled to Paris together. There, he went down on one knee and proposed to me with the same ring from that store. I asked him, ‘How long have you been planning this?’ to which he replied, ‘Since the day I met you!’ I just had to say yes.

Soon after we got engaged, Michael moved in with me and we set the date for our wedding. And we almost didn’t get to the venue because of a snowstorm; I’ll never forget standing at the altar, smiling and knowing that we’d made it.

And last year, we were blessed with a baby boy! We’ve been enjoying parenthood ever since; Michael’s a great father. And after putting the baby to sleep, we still make time for candlelight dinners and movie nights. That’s it… this is our small, little world. We have each other, our son, and a life ahead filled with endless adventures.’’

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