“When I woke up from my coma my low blood pressure caused me to lose my vision”

“When I woke up from my coma, my family was beside me. I could hear them talk but I couldn’t see them. When I asked the doctors to switch on the lights that were already on, there was pin drop silence. My treatment for low blood pressure caused me to lose my vision.

I was devastated; I couldn’t face my children. My mother consoled me and said, ‘The family will always be your eyes and support.’ But I wanted to die in the hospital. When I got back home, I was confined to the four walls of my bedroom; I was depressed. I wanted to help my children with their homework and be useful around the house, but couldn’t.

I’d break down when I couldn’t find my glass of water beside me. My family would feed and bathe me. I remember my husband holding my hand and reassuring me, ‘I promise to take care of you, the house and our children.’ He’d even help me walk around the house.

Still, I wanted to give up on life. I felt like I had no purpose to live anymore and I’d have suicidal thoughts. I tried hanging myself but thankfully my friend walked in and saved me in the nick of time. She said, ‘Think about your children and never attempt suicide again!’

I had to accept my circumstances, but I still craved to find a passion; that’s when my family told me that visually impaired people could learn computer skills. So my husband bought me a laptop. I’d listen to YouTube videos to learn how to use applications. I memorized all the keys on the board and when I typed my children’s name, they hugged me! I even took coding and website designing classes.

I began connecting with other blind members like me online. We made a group and would discuss how each of us was struggling. Everyday, we’d talk about ways to encourage others from our community to give life another shot. That’s when the idea of using radio to reach blind people came to mind! We decided to launch our own online radio channel called ‘Radio Udaan.’

We pooled in our money, created our own website and learnt how to edit online. We promoted our channel on social media and more than 1,000 listeners registered on the first day! I host a show called ‘Community Colors’ where I talk about job vacancies for specially-abled persons.

And I've helped several people get jobs! I was so happy to hear a caller tell me, ‘You inspired me to start my own sewing business.’ My team also teaches listeners how to use computers!

Today, I’ve learnt how to stitch; I make bed sheets and clothes for my children. I’m finally able to cook for my family too. I would have never come this far without them. They’ve never made me feel handicapped. While conducting my shows, I often tell my listeners what my family told me in my lowest moments, ‘There will always be someone to hold your hand in the dark.’”

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