Kya mera dharm mera gunaah tha?

Dare to imagine a heinous crime, now imagine you being falsely accused of doing it and someone locks you up in the most dreaded jail facility for a period of 23 years! Goosebumps right, by this imaginary scenario.

Well, this was a human being's reality and he survived it struggling every single day in Tihar Jail, Delhi.

Today, on the occasion of 'Human Rights Day', we're throwing light on a story of injustice, as how a man named 'Ali Bhatt' was robbed of his life and youth in a manner that is inhuman and a sheer unthinkable tragedy.

This is our 2nd Solo Podcast which expresses the reality of then Kashmir from the viewpoint of Ali Bhatt who was falsely accused of Lajpat Nagar and Samleti Bomb Blasts. Tried by Delhi and Jaipur Courts since 1996, he had his life turned upside down in these long 23 years.

From being labelled as a terrorist to an honorable 'Non Guilty' citizen, he went from a death sentence to earning his chance at life and freedom once again.

This is an epic, Ali's epic which proves the world that no matter what, love is the greatest and only virtue of human existence.

Let's know this man's journey and celebrate the victory of hope and love over hate and prejudice.

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