“Love finds you when you least expect it!”

We’re all looking for love, but sometimes it comes to you in the most unexpected of ways, and that changes your entire life! This desi-firang love story is just like that!

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“I was 24 and tired of being in relationships where I was asked to ‘compromise.’ Once, a date of mine said–‘When we settle down, you’ll have to cook and stay home to take care of our parents!’ When I heard that, I knew I needed a breather from dating–I wanted to wait for someone who would not only love me but was open-minded and accepting.

I focused on my career and didn’t make an effort to find love. However, my friends suggested making a profile online to keep my options open. That’s when I made a profile on OkCupid and found Cameron. He was in military school and his profile read, ‘I love Indian food!’ I’m a foodie too and wanted to know his taste; ‘Palak paneer and butter chicken are delicious!’ he replied.

He was so interested in getting to know a person from India! He had so many questions–‘So you’re still allowed to live with your parents at this age?’ He admired our family values! We especially bonded over Hindu mythology–I enjoyed being his storyteller; he’d even make notes!

Despite the 10-hour time difference, we made time for each other; and for 2 months, that became our routine. Cameron was hilarious on video calls. He’d cutely start singing Punjabi songs! We’d also discuss ‘Bahubali’ and ‘Singham’! ‘Do cops really behave like that in India?’ he’d ask. We could talk endlessly. So when Cameron asked me to be his girlfriend, I said ‘yes!’–and we hadn’t even met! Without even meeting, we knew we’d fallen in love!

After that, Cameron flew down to India to see me; I had butterflies as I waited at the airport! He was much taller than I expected–he lifted me up and hugged me. We kissed, everyone stared–it was a moment!

I’d planned a trip to Agra and Dalhousie; we went to every nook and munched on street food. But Cameron had come to India with another agenda; he’d carried a ring that he’d designed to propose! He planned dates throughout the first visit so that I couldn’t guess which one of them would be ‘the date’. One evening, he asked me to go on a walk with him. It was raining and we were standing underneath a tree, when he went down on his knees and asked me to marry him! It’s still so surreal.

A few months later, he came back to celebrate Christmas with my family and plan the wedding. Cameron got used to sitting on the floor, eating spicy food and mom’s gajar ka halwa; he even learnt to use the Indian toilet!

And in 2019, we had our Desi wedding; I convinced both Cameron’s parents who were separated to attend–he was so happy! And after, I moved to Hawaii, where we’re building our life together.

He’s been so patient; he listens to me rant about missing home and consoles me after. We’ve found a nice tea spot by the beach where we go most evenings. When we’re enjoying a gorgeous sunset and a balmy breeze amidst the palm trees, I know for sure that love happens when you least expect it!”

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