“My parents supported my love for cinema!” – Manish Malhotra

Episode 5 is LIVE!

And our guest for this episode of our talk show - "How The Hell Did I Do It?" hosted by @karishmamehta is someone who will never go out of style - @manishmalhotra

He’s always in the limelight, so we think we know everything about him, but through our conversation, I got to know a side of him that I’ve never heard or read about. Manish Malhotra – the friend who'd go miles for you, the son who'd fix your saree before every party and the Bollywood buff who'd spend hours in front of the TV screen… dreaming!

This episode is big on chasing your dreams, your passion and working relentlessly to make them a reality! https://youtu.be/1vMfCnZXJtk

Click here and catch the entire conversation on our YouTube channel – NOW! 

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