No matter how old, unanimously everyone misses their student days!

Written by: Nisha Shah

While our experiences can be varied, there’s always a common thread that ties them together. One such experience is our student life—no matter what age, everyone has fond memories of these days... On World Students’ Day, students from different generations shared their experiences! Read on...
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“I’m 4 years old, Didi, and mujhe school jaana bohot pasand hai. School jaana, friends se milna, saath mein khelna aur padhai karne bohot achcha lagta hai. I like learning new things in school, especially poems — they are my favourite! I also like playing cricket in school. Homework karna nai pasand, but woh mere saare friends ko nahi pasand! But we like school! Our teachers are very nice.”

Samarth Khamkar, 4

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“I love going to school — what’s not to like? I get to meet my friends, learn something interesting every day, and play sports with everyone! The only thing I don’t like is the homework we get! There’s just so much, I don’t get time to doodle or watch videos, and sometimes that is irritating. But otherwise, being a student is so much fun – apart from the subjects our teachers teach, we also learn life lessons. All of our teachers tell us, ‘If you work hard, you’ll achieve your dreams!’ They always push us to work hard and I will too, because one day, when I’m older, I want to invest in bitcoin! It’s my dream!”

Mohammed Bharmal, 12

“Who doesn’t like being a student? Not a care in the world, and you can be so free! I loved being a student, but now that I'm in class 12, I don't really enjoy it as much. Because of the way our education system is, there’s too much pressure because of the boards; the teaching style has now changed. Gone are those days of interactive teaching…these 12th boards change everything! I remember how a few years back, our psychology teacher would make the subject so interesting with videos and sharing conversations…I miss that! Also, as a student in such a crucial year of my life, I feel like a pressure cooker – I attend school for 8 hours with barely a 30 minute break, only to go home and run off to coaching classes! Meal times get irregular, and there’s simply no time to unwind. Things are hard right now, but they’ve taught me to be determined and focused and not procrastinate, because sometimes I do, and it’s never a good idea!”

Bhumika Vats, 18

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“I’ve recently graduated and started working... and I miss my student life already! I miss those carefree days where there were no responsibilities, just fun! It felt so freeing. I was that kind of student who’d love everything in school, but just not studying! Meeting friends every day, learning while also doing masti in class—that used to be the best part! If there’s one thing student life has taught me, it’s to seize the moment and not keep things for later. Just go for it! Today’s school life is vastly different from the one we had, so I wish today’s students learn and absorb as much as they can — it’s a competitive world today, so just go out there, talk to people, and gain as much knowledge as you can!”

Palak Jain, 21

“I loved being a student…those were the golden days! I was an average student, but was always keen on learning. There was nothing to not like about school…in fact, when I didn’t go to school, I’d feel, ‘Why didn’t I go? I miss it.’ Those naive and fun days taught me that life is a learning process. When I look back, I realise that more than the subjects we were taught, I learned lessons that help me even today—being social and communicating well was something that was honed throughout the years by participating actively in competitions and everyday classes. My student life has given me friends for life... It’s been 2 decades and yet we’re still in touch! I feel today’s kids are too lucky! Their schools are smarter and digital, and they have been given everything on a plate—I just wish they make the most of what they are getting! Today, everyone is running a race, but never forget the human connection—no smart devices can replace it.”

Komal Shah, 35

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“I was that girl who enjoyed going to school... All the subjects were interesting to me! I love drawing, mera favourite class tha. When we’d have to make science projects; coming up with something innovative was always fun for me. In those days, home science was taught to us as well…it was wonderful because we learnt so many useful things, such as cooking and sewing! Except for Math, which most students despise, there was nothing I disliked. In hindsight, I realise how much being a student has taught me—communication, respecting others and maintaining relationships are a few of those things. But the reason I miss school the most? Sitting with friends in recess and sharing tiffins! We can’t find that joy today – not even if we go for lunch at fancy cafes! Today, I see schools have advanced so much and today’s students have so much accessibility, I hope they realise they are lucky and value it! Learn and be better citizens.”

Daksha Shah, 52

Being India’s largest storytelling platform, Humans of Bombay is all about bringing you extraordinary stories of ordinary people. Today, on World Students Day, we bring you these nostalgic stories from different generations to show how student life has changed over the years, and yet the experience is still the same! If you’d like to read more such stories, check out our book and dive into the diverse tales of Bombay.

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