“A guy who couldn’t wait to marry me while I was on my death-bed, it just goes to show that true love does exist.”

“We were best friends for 5 years before we started dating. Right from the start, we had deep conversations about music and the universe. We were in the same friends group so we met often. We both were dating other people, but eventually they broke up with us. I didn’t take my break-up well; I’d party a lot after. Often, my cousin would ask Pratik to pick me up from a party, and no matter how busy he was, Pratik would take me home.

Our friends tell us now that they always saw a spark; for us it was like who’s going to address the elephant in the room first. It was after a house party that we’d planned together that we realised how ‘couply’ we were. We confessed our feelings and started dating. 3 months into dating, I was diagnosed with jaundice and a week later, I was diagnosed with 90% liver failure. I was admitted; Pratik was by my side. I told him he could leave since it had been only 3 months of us dating. He said, ‘We’ve been friends for much longer, and I care about you too much to leave.’

Then on the 8th day, I slipped into a coma– luckily I had a successful transplant and got out of it. I was in and out of the hospital for 6 months, and then had my second surgery. Everything happened so fast– doctors had told us that my chances of surviving were little, but Pratik just somehow knew I’d make it. He met me everyday; anyone who came into the isolation ward had to take a sanitisation bath, wear a surgical kit and stay 6 feet away. Still, he’d visit everyday. He was struggling to keep his dream project afloat, but he’d make time for me. Some days, we’d sit together and cry.

I couldn’t take my phone into the ICU for 30 days, so when I was moved to the normal ward, I woke up to all his messages and Snapchats– he’d send me one long message for each day and Snapchats about everything he did.

I was studying law, so Pratik would set alarms and make sure I studied. After I finally recovered fully, I went to London for my Masters– long distance with him was a cakewalk; we spoke everyday and gave each other space to focus on our careers.

I got back safe, but was readmitted in March because of an infection. One of those days, Pratik sat beside me on the hospital bed and said, ‘Life is too short. Let’s get married.’ I was so touched– I just said, ‘Let’s.’ We got married a few months later; it was a small celebration of 50 people.

And in 2019, we had our Desi wedding; I convinced both Cameron’s parents who were separated to attend–he was so happy! And after, I moved to Hawaii, where we’re building our life together.

Pratik and I are at a place in our lives where things are finally looking up in our careers and health-wise too. He takes me on romantic getaways and makes sure that I’m always safe– he’s trained our friends to be extra careful when they meet me!

We’ve come so far, from best friends to husband and wife– Pratik makes me believe in love more and more everyday. A guy who couldn’t wait to marry me while I was on my death-bed, it just goes to show that true love does exist.”

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