The physics dropout who’s now a premium content creator – Ankur Warikoo!

Episode 14 is LIVE!

“If I am not happy doing something, I will never be the best at it”.

With this simple philosophy, a 22 year old physics major dropout who returned from the USA, paved his way to a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, online educator and a premium content creator.

A household name in this one big social media family, Ankur Warikoo is your go-to mentor who has answers for all the questions.

A published author with ‘Do Epic Shit’ and ‘Get Epic Shit Done’, he has sold over 200,000 copies and still thrives to learn, build young minds and create genuine content that inspires millions.

His journey is the most unexpected and yet feels like one among us. A humble middle class boy, harnessing the power of education and utmost self-belief, built an entrepreneurial market and his own brand value leading on the front foot.

Marking his territory early on LinkedIn, voicing growth mindset and money building content, he has carved out a niche for himself.

A family man who loves his wife and 2 kids dearly, how now at 42 he feels the most healthy and ever so young, he shared with us his mantra on - "How the Hell did I do it?"

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