“We lived in the same colony and even took the same bus and yet, somehow, we’d never crossed paths before.”

“I was in 10th when I met Ankit. We lived in the same colony and even took the same bus and yet, somehow, we’d never crossed paths before. But that day, we went back home together. And then, it became a ritual. He’d save a seat for me on the bus everyday. We were opposites. He was quiet, I was a chatterbox which worked well for me kyon ki koi baat sunne waala mil gaya!

We grew inseparable; we’d be together all day and then text 24*7 after going home. But on our Farewell, when I saw him in a suit for the first time it struck me that everything was going to change; I realised I loved him. A week later, he went down on his knees with a rose in hand, and said, ‘I love you. Will you be my girlfriend?’ And that’s how we started dating. Back then, we only got pocket money, so we’d do the littlest things to surprise each other–be it me making a memory box for him or him throwing me a surprise birthday party for my 18th birthday.

We were so used to being together all the time, and then suddenly we were in different colleges. But Ankit made sure we met everyday, even if he had to switch 3 modes of transport to meet me for just 30 mins. We’d meet at the basketball court, it was our spot. We’ve spent hours there, making future plans and watching sunsets.

The sweetest thing he did was flying in a day earlier for my Kathak recital. I was arranging the chairs; when I turned around, there he was! He walked towards me and said, ‘How could I have missed it?’

So a few months later, I told my parents about him– Maa just said, ‘Mujhe pata hi tha!’ Ankit told his parents too and after 11 years of dating,, we made ‘us’ official!

A few of us friends went to Amritsar to celebrate and there, Ankit had planned the proposal of my dreams. He’d kept an outfit on the bed with a note, ‘See you at the terrace. I love you!’ I quickly changed, went to the terrace and there he was…in the same position as he was 11 years ago but this time instead of a rose, he had a ring. And when he said, ‘Will you marry me?’ I said ‘yes’ with the same excitement as that 16-year-old girl!

On our engagement I surprised him by going down on my knees. And unlike most brides, I didn’t feel nervous walking down the aisle; I’d known him my whole life. We’ll be celebrating our 2 years anniversary soon. It’s no longer the makes-my-heart-race kind of love but more of a brings-me-comfort kind of love. Instead of the grand gestures, now it’s more about me doing the dishes when he’s overworked or him making khichdi on days I miss home. It’s knowing that woh hai toh I’ll be alright!”

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