“We were isolated for months and only had each other”

“Since the day I adopted my puppy, I took him to the office with me. He’d run around wagging his tail and pick up random things from everybody’s cabins–he’d hide them so slyly that the whole office would spend hours looking for their things–I decided to name him ‘Sly’. As weeks passed, all my co-workers became so fond of him–the minute we entered the office, they’d ask, ‘How’s Sly doing?’ even before enquiring about me. And Sly loved all the attention–he’d run up to them and lift both his paws to say ‘Hi’.

Over time, Sly became very protective of me–he’d guard my door if I wasn’t in my cabin; if someone entered my room in my absence, he’d start barking. Last year, when I broke up with my ex, Sly could sense that I was upset, so he’d keep coming up with new ways to cheer me up or he’d lay on my lap. If I didn’t eat, even he’d refuse to eat. And if I didn’t sleep, even he’d be up all night rolling from one side of our bed to another.

When I think of it, I wonder what I’d have done without him–once, in the middle of the night, I heard the sound of keys jingling outside my house; I was terrified. But Sly ran to the door and kept barking until the jingling stopped. I went back to sleep after alerting the security, but Sly kept watch next to the door all night!

And during the lockdown, Sly was my saviour–we were isolated for months and only had each other. So, we’d play hide and seek; he’d accompany me on my morning jog. On the days when we were feeling a bit low, we’d watch sappy movies and hug each other. So, 2 months ago, when I started seeing somebody, he wasn’t very comfortable sharing me with another man! On our first date, Sly sat upright and watched us keenly as we were chatting. He’d bark each time my date tried to get close to me! It was hilarious! I told my date, ‘Sly has to love you first!’

So, he went back home, researched about dogs extensively and even read books on dog moods. He had no choice but to figure out a truce with Sly! We began cuddling Sly and playing with him all evening, so that both my boys got used to each other! Now, all three of us go out on dates together and I keep telling my boyfriend–‘I’ll always go out with BOTH my men and you have to play second fiddle–you better be okay with that."

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