“We’ve accepted each other, quirks and all”

“I used to work as a radio jockey in Indore. Seven years ago, I was in Mumbai for work, that’s when I first met Yogi. The moment I saw him, my ‘gaydar’ went ting-ting! That evening, I hit him up on Facebook and tried to make small talk– I wanted to woo him! And he was so friendly. We began texting 24/7 and a week later, he trusted me enough to tell me, ‘I hope you know I’m gay.’ That one sentence put me at ease!

Chats turned into calls; I couldn’t get enough of him! And then he asked, ‘Are you looking for friendship or love?’ He wasn’t looking for a fling. I’d only recently come to terms with my own sexuality, so I was scared to open up. But something made me confess to him that I liked him, and he felt the same way.

10 days later, I flew down to Mumbai and surprised him at his doorstep at 6:45 AM– he was so happy! He shared a flat with two other guys; before they could suspect anything, we got out of there. We walked hand in hand on Marine Drive; it was the happiest I’d been in years! So I just blurted out, ‘I think I love you!’ He replied, ‘You stole my words!’ and that’s how we started dating.

We started off long distance; I was in Indore, and then Delhi and I’d visit him in Mumbai. My home was wherever he was. Our dates have spanned from roadside restaurants to rooftop bars! I’m a huge crier; on our first movie date, I was sobbing so much that Yogi didn’t know what to say, so he just hugged me! No matter where we are, I love how I could just be myself with him.

I didn’t want to hide our relationship, so I introduced him to my mom as my boyfriend soon after. We weren’t expecting the family acceptance to happen overnight. Yogi’s family is quite conservative too, but they warmed up to us eventually.

And then last year Yogi told me, ‘I want to tell our children how I met your father.’ He wanted to immortalize our love story with a podcast. Till then, we’d never come out as RJs. So we moved on from our radio stations and began working on the podcast together. And 5 months ago when the first episode went up, the response was overwhelming! People wrote to us about how they felt inspired by us, and I thought, ‘We’re just two ordinary boys in love who wanted to share their love story with the world!’

Today, after doing long distance for years, we’re finally settled together in Delhi. And this 15th August, is our 7-year anniversary! But honestly, our relationship is as ordinary as it gets; when he jokingly checks out a stranger when I’m around, I roll my eyes at him, and when I cry over a tacky movie scene, he just shakes his head. That’s how it is with us– we’ve accepted each other, quirks and all. And there’s a kind of comfort in a love like that.”

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