The Humans behind Humans of Bombay–

Behind every story, there's a team that's interviewing people, clicking photos, managing finances, and making hires.
Team Humans of Bombay is a bunch of talented, motivated and absolutely crazy individuals who are all storytellers at heart. We all are very different from each other; some of us like loud music while we work, some of us need a quiet corner to write. Some of us want the AC on, some of us hate it (FYI there's a constant fight for the AC remote in the office!), but you play one Bollywood song and you'll see all of us sign in unison. Conversations during our 4 PM chai and Maggi breaks range from new features introduced on Instagram to what we should order for lunch the next day. From our weekly Friday meetings to discuss our wins and goals, to cutting cakes on every occasion or sometimes for no reason at all– we're a team that believes in having a lot of fun while making a difference... one story at a time.

Life at HoB

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