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What we did: We showcased the stories of 3 couples who are true soulmates, with focus on the one moment where they both realized that this is forever, in order to promote Tanishq's #WhenItRingsTrue campaign.
The result: Reach: 4.7 million Impressions: 5.2 million Engagement: 643k

What we did: We showcased the stories of small business owners to encourage our community to #Support- Local heroes during these unprecedented times. Impact - One of the small businesses Sky Bodies gained 3k followers & saw one month’s worth turn- over the day the post went live!
The result: Reach: 4.7 million Impressions: 5.2 million Engagement: 643k

What we did: To create some buzz around the series we fea- tured 6 actors from the cast wherein each one of them shared sweet heart-warming stories of their childhood and teenage experiences with love.
The result: Reach: 8 million Impressions: 9 million Engagement: 929k

What we did: For Cadbury’s #HowFarWillYouGoForLove campaign we featured stories of 6 couples who prove that love isn’t just about the grand gestures, but about the small, unexpected moments too.
The result: Reach: 4.1 Million Impressions: 4.7 Million Engagement: 585k

What we did: To promote the launch of Whitehat Jr’s music curriculum we featured the story of an individual who fell in love with the art of creating music as a child and overcame various obstacles to continue his passion for music.
The result: Reach: 9.2 million Impressions: 9.5 million Engagement: 365k

Dove Snowball Campaign.
Overall Reach: 1.2 M
The result: Over 74+ people shared insta-stories, with the hashtag, which was then reposted on HOB.

What we did: Mahindra wanted to convey their gratitude to covid warriors who over- came insurmountable challenges during the pan- demic. We curated 15+ sto- ries encompassing front- line covid warriors who put their own lives at risk to protect others.
The result: Mahindra stood out by giving a face to the campaign and publishing real life stories of warriors and appreciating their fighting spirit.

What we did: For Mother’s day, we curated stories of 5 #UnstoppableMom’s who tested Covid+. No matter how tired or weak these mothers felt, they did not let it come in the way of them being there for their children.
The result: With these real life stories, Bournvita was able to curate a topical video as an ode to #UnstoppableMoms who are the epitome of strength.

What we did: In order to promote Lionsgate Play's new show The Secret of Supercars, we went live with a mother-daughter racing duo, who are defying gender stereotypes and are stalwarts in their field.
The result: Views: 52.6K